Travel Without Spills for the Holidays

If you are traveling with food for the holidays, you want to make sure that it arrives in the same way that you left with it. You can make sure that happens by putting food in the right containers and by securing food properly in your car. We want to remind you from all of us here at Jones Motor Company to drive safely this holiday season and to leave yourself plenty of time to arrive.

You never want to drive rushed, and especially during the holidays when the roads have more traffic and the weather conditions may be bad. Pack up your food in containers that have tight-fitting lids and in insulated bags to keep them at the right temperature. Make sure that you also secure food items in your vehicle with a seatbelt or by wedging them in with other luggage. That way you can prevent anything from toppling over.

Visit our dealership in Savannah, TN for extra holiday food transport tips!

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