Reasons to Never Overlook Your Check Engine Light

You should never overlook your check engine light when it’s illuminated. This dashboard light is important because it alerts you to a potential problem with your vehicle’s engine or fuel system. Here are some of the reasons that we find it necessary to let you know why your check engine light may be on.

It could be an ignition coil issue because of sparks. When this component is worn out, it can lead to different problems such as engine misfire. Sometimes, the light can illuminate for that reason alone. Another possible cause is an oxygen sensor failure. This measures the unburnt oxygen, and may require replacement if it breaks. Other possible issues include low oil levels, a faulty catalytic converter, or failure of the mass airflow sensor.

Don’t let the stress of the check engine light get you down. To learn more about it, or to have your own looked at, let a service center professional from one of our Savannah, TN locations have a look. Contact us to learn more, or schedule your appointment.

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