Have you baked a delicious meal, snack or dessert item that you're going to be taking somewhere? Maybe you're going to be traveling to see loved ones and you want to bring your food to share in family traditions, or you have a local event that requires you to bring a dish. To make sure your food does get to your celebration, you should make sure it's secure in your vehicle.

How you stow your food in your vehicle could depend on what kind of food it is, but it's always best not to have to clean up a messy car resulting from any kind of food or drink spills. Here's some of the best ways to secure foods from the Jones Motor Company team:

  1. Make sure certain runny foods are stored in a very tight container that passes a spill test.
  2. Place your food in boxes that can be buckled in in the rear seats, or in other restraints in the cargo area or trunk.
  3. Make sure no loose objects can slide or fly around and hit the food containers.

If you've got a lot of food, cargo and passengers to haul, you might need a vehicle large enough to accommodate all of them. You should come visit us at our car dealerships so we can help you find the vehicle that's right for you. We're easy to find and you can drive by anytime we are open to explore our new car inventory, stocked with bold cars, trucks and SUVs.

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