Is it possible to be the first owner of a vehicle at a big discount from the sticker price? In the Savannah, TN area, you can find some incredible discounts on 2019 vehicles. These vehicles have no previous owner and are, therefore, "new to you." Also, these vehicles offer incredible discounts from the original sticker price. Here is a look at what these new 2019 vehicles have to offer.

Why to Find These 2019 Models?

If you are in the Savannah, TN area, you can find a wide selection of 2019 vehicles at Jones Motor Company. This dealership offers a wide selection of different brands. Whether you are looking for a car, truck, or SUV, you will likely find a 2019 model that will offer you some incredible discounts.

2019 Models That Are Currently Available

There is a great chance that Jones Motor Company has a 2019 model that is ideal for you. Here is a look at some of the most sought-after 2019 models in their current inventory.

Chevy Blazer

The Chevy Blazer is an affordable performance SUV that has been inspired by the popular Chevy Camaro. This SUV offers you bold styling plus a powerful standard engine that delivers big acceleration and power.

Buick Encore

For those who want a premium SUV at an affordable price, there is the compact Buick Encore. This amazing SUV gives you one of the most comfortable rides in its class and style that truly stands out from the competition.

Nissan Frontier

If you want to drive a midsize truck that gives you lots of capability and power, then you gave to see what the Nissan Frontier has to offer. This is the truck that gives you a lot for its low starting price.

Why Choose Jones Motor Company?

At Jones Motor Company, you will find a wide selection of 2019 vehicles from several top automakers. Not only that, but the dealership is also known for its friendly service and excellent financing options.

If you are interested in test drive a 2019 vehicle, please contact Jones Motor Company and arrange for a test drive.

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