Now, more than ever, you are aware of your health. You are taking more significant measures to protect yourself from the germs and bacteria that could put you at risk. You'll be glad to know Jones Motor Company is just as concerned as you are. That is why we are going through great lengths to make sure we are doing all we can to protect you and anyone who visits us in Savannah, TN.

Whether you know it or not, a car is a prime spot for germs. Jones Motor Company is using state of the art process to ensure our cars are as clean as they can be, to eliminate any potential germs that could harm you. XMicrobe Antimicrobial Protection is free with every new or used car purchased or leased from Jones Motor Company. This EPA-registered, environmentally safe process kills bacteria in your vehicle to prevent it from spreading in your vehicle. When we spray it into our vehicles, it seeps into every air vent, crevasses and cracks you may or may not see.

XMicrobe protection is continuously working to keep your car healthy. Jones Motor Company has actually been using the process for years. But only in the past few months, with the rise of the COVID 19 concern, has it become more in demand. That is why Jones Motor Company has started to include it with every new vehicle purchase. Because we know how important it is for you to stay safe.

If you could pick one thing that sets Jones Motor Company apart from other dealers in Savannah, TN. We value our customers, whether they've shopped with us for years, or haven't yet discovered Jones Motor Company. If our efforts to keep you safe and healthy is what first draws you to Jones Motor Company in Savannah, TN, then we're ok with that. Just know we are the dealer that looks out for you.

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