Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"I was excited to know that the engine in my 2013 F150 would be covered by Jones Motor Company's 20 year 250,000 mile Free Powertrain warranty. Jones took care of the $4,200 repair and I am very grateful. Thank you."
Cody Vaughan
"My transmission went out and I was so glad to know that it was covered by Jones warranty.  Jones replaced the transmission and I saved $3,003 after paying $100 deductible.  Thank you Jones."
John McWerner
"I was really glad to find out that the JonesCare warranty covered my repair bill of $1,697.47."
Bill Sanderson
"I purchased a 2013 Chevrolet Cruze that had engine problems about a year after my purchase.  Jones warranty covered the engine/turbo repair and saved me $2750.89.  Thank you."
Dana Shelby
"I was so pleased to know that Jones stood behind there JonesCare warranty.  The warranty covered $3,589.74 in repairs which made me extremely happy."
Tonya Swinford
"I highly recommend Jones Motor Company.  These guys stand behind the JonesCare warranty with great work and professional service.  A great job!"
Philip Bates
"I am very satisfied and thankful for the JonesCare warranty.  It saved me $7918 in repairs."
Charlie White