Benefits of Buying Used

Save Time and Money with Used Inventory at the Jones Motor Group

Picking out a vehicle can often be a difficult decision, especially if you're not interested in spending to get a new model. While you won't always buy new, you won't sacrifice quality when working with the Jones Motor Group dealerships. When new isn't an option, we offer a wide selection of used vehicles that won't compromise the quality of your ride so you can save on your next vehicle!

You might be curious what benefits you can find when you work with the team at Jones Motor Group. We're happy to offer numerous advantages when you shop used vehicles at one of our dealerships. Check out down below to see what we offer and how we can provide you with some peace of mind!

Why You Should Shop Used Inventory with Jones Motor Group:

  • Saving On Your Purchase: Arguably, the biggest benefit of searching used models is the money you'll save on the purchase. New vehicles tend to rapidly depreciate within the first few years of ownership, which drives the price down on all models. When shopping for a used vehicle at one of our many dealerships, you'll find a large selection of used vehicles that work with your budget. You'll also enjoy lower monthly payments and save on fees that might be higher with a new model.
  • Lower Depreciation: As we noted above, new vehicles tend to depreciate quickly, dropping their value in the first few years. When a vehicle hits the used market, that depreciation starts to slow down - meaning you'll save value if you want to sell your car again at some point down the road. It's easy to earn your money back when you sell a used car again.
  • More Knowledge before Purchase: New vehicles, by nature, won't have a lot of information on them before you buy them outside of features common to that model. When you buy used, there's typically more available information that you can research. You'll have forewarning of previous service history, number of owners, and any accidents that might have happened! With more information, you'll understand more about the vehicle you purchase.
  • Durability: In years past, vehicles would have issues with durability. Now, most vehicles are designed to last, meaning when you buy used, you won't have to consider your vehicle a short-term option. Plan for longevity when you purchase a used vehicle!

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